Illumination for industry and commerce

Ludwig Leuchten develops and produces individual industrial luminaires for your company. Beside the factory of serial luminaires Ludwig Leuchten has an emphasis on the development of nonstandard luminaires, which are produced in order to meet with the customers demands. The products of Ludwig Leuchten pursue three central aims: The improvement of the energy efficiency of your company, the increase of productivity as well as safe production processes. In order to realize these aims we offer a series of individualized solutions.

  • Classical Industrial luminaires
  • Industrial recessed luminaires
  • Industrial LED reflectors
  • Industrial pendant luminaires
  • Recessed luminaires
  • Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Luminaires with plastic shades

Area of application for industrial lighting

Ludwig Leuchten Beleuchtung für Industrie

There is no difference between a smaller company, medium-sized enterprise or a international operating company. Industrial lighting has to be inserted everywhere where a lot of light is necessary. With the industrial luminaires of Ludwig Leuchten it is possible so safe energy and reduce the energy costs. In the interior zone industrial luminaires can be found where many people have to work, for example at production facilities or at extensive storage rooms. Regarding the outdoor areas industrial lighting is necessary if extensive areas should be illuminated particularly and purposive.

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