Illumination for office buildings

Ludwig Leuchten offers sophisticated products and concepts which come up to the modern requirements for office lighting. The illumination solutions of Ludwig Leuchten have got two central aims: to guarantee a healthy workplace and to guarantee environmentally friendly and efficiency workplace illumination. Ludwig Leuchten guarantees the compliance of all guidelines for office lighting. The economical LED workplace luminaires guarantee energy saving offices and therefore support your sustainable company philosophy. In order to realize this aims Ludwig Leuchten offers some individualized solutions:

  • Classical office lighting
  • Floor standing luminaires
  • Table luminaires
  • Office pendant luminaires
  • Office louvre luminaires
  • Pendant luminaires
  • Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Recessed luminaires

Area of application for office lighting

Ludwig Leuchten für Büro

In view of the increasing anxiety regarding the climate change the laws and regulations for energy consumption of companies have been intensified. For example there are regulations that proscribe the use of inefficient office luminaires. As a result the issue energy saving is getting more and more important in the companies. You can also benefit of the innovative office illumination of Ludwig Leuchten in order to promote the image of your company.

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