Fulfilling highest manufacturing standards with luminaires for surface control by Ludwig Leuchten

Because of the modern and innovative lighting technology "Made in Germany" and lighting concepts individually developed we can ensure an optimum of production quality.

This will also apply at very difficile visual tasks like testing very small parts. Our latest control technology working with high-contrast luminaires localises even minimal surface defects or slightest surface unevenness in a very short time and visualizes them. So with the luminaires for surface control your company can take corrective measures quickly and reduce or avoid expensive rejects and ensure a high and constant quality at the same time. For this purpose Ludwig Leuchten points the perfect illuminance of the luminaires on the basis of tests as excessively bright light sources may include eye fatigue and complicate the surface control.

With global more than one thousand installed systems Ludwig Leuchten is one of the international leading manufacturer of optical systems of surface control.

Here you can download our catalogue inclusive all luminaires for paint surface control:

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