Customized lighting solutions with customized luminaires

From our numerous projects Ludwig Leuchten has gained the know-how and experience in implementing customized solutions with diverse requirements. Special features of the Ludwig luminaires such as emergency lighting, loudspeakers, smoke detectors, presence detectors or video cameras, the integration into existing control systems, sensors for lighting control and compliance with country-specific requirements are part of our daily business. Products such as illuminated ceilings, batten luminaires, light projectors, vertical lighting and many more are developed in close cooperation with architects, lighting designers or external lighting experts - all with the latest LED technology.

Due to the high production depth and rapid decision-making paths, a high rate of output quantity is possible in a short period of time. The support in the planning and installation of the finished customized solutions forms part of our customer service.

The creation of a customized luminaire is comprised of the following five steps:

1. Concept drawing

The foundation for every specialized luminaire is a sketch or the design from the architect or light planner. Often a hand drawn sketch is enough for our experienced employees to then create a real luminaire. Working together closely, a joint discussion determines what special lighting requirements need to be met, what lighting effect should be created and what on-site situation should be taken into consideration. Based on this a concept for implementation is then developed by Ludwig Leuchten.

2. Construction drawing & development

The design department at Ludwig Leuchten turns the sketch into reality with state-of-the-art CAD software. This determines the technical foundation of the specialized luminaire. The product development department determines a lighting solution based on the lighting requirements and by making use of high-quality components.

3. Prototype construction

The idea has been put on paper, now it’s time to put it to the test in practice. Due to our high production depth at Ludwig Leuchten we can manufacture almost all components ourselves. When using components from other suppliers Ludwig Leuchten is careful in the selection so as to ensure the quality requirements of our company are met.

The prototype luminaire is painted in the desired colour in our on-site paint shop, then all components are mounted together so that the luminaire can be tested.

4. Photometric measurements

The compliance with quality and safety standards while providing optimal lighting is an absolute priority for Ludwig Leuchten - for luminaires from our standard product range as well as for customized solution luminaires. In our quality laboratories all necessary technical photometric measurements and quality tests are performed.

5. Prototype evaluation with client

The prototype is only presented to the client after passing testing and meeting all technical requirements. Together with experts from Ludwig Leuchten the prototype is evaluated, and based on this result the final constructional drawings are made and then production can start in our modern machine park for the specialized solution luminaire.

Implementation areas for special solutions

Ludwig Leuchten Sonderleuchten

Special implementation areas require special luminaires. Large building projects like airports, train stations or official and or public institutions have special lighting requirements.

Functional expectations have to be met since lighting often replaces daylight and must therefore create a pleasant atmosphere for the people working in the environment. The illumination of building objects highlights the architecture of a city and the surrounding area, therefore the lighting is especially important during sunset or at night since that is when these buildings are most visible.

Especially in this area the expected energy costs and meeting the required safety standards is an important factor. That is why Ludwig Leuchten manufactures specialized luminaires with the newest LED-Technology and valid safety regulations.

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