Stadtsparkasse Augsburg

For the lighting redesign of the Stadtsparkasse Pfersee Ludwig Leuchten was the chosen lighting manufacturer.

Ludwig Leuchten is the supplier for the photometric rearrangement.

The engineering office Weber and Mair at Fischach has been mandated with the planning of the renovation of the subsidiary of the Stadtsparkasse Augsburg at Pfersee. Around 50 pendant luminaires 901 ultraflat now illuminate the offices as well as the counter and the consultation area of the rearranged bank subsidiary.

The new direct-indirect beam 901 ULTRAFLAT PE with an height of only 24 mm is an ultra flat pendant luminaire for T-16 fluorescent lamps. The miniaturization of the darklight louvre in highly reflective strip anodized refined aluminium is very innovative and allows such a construction.
Die Seitenreflektoren und Querlamellen sind parabolisch geformt. Der Leuchtenkörper aus Stahl-blech ist aus einem Stück gefertigt und in RAL 9007 pulverbeschichtet. Die Pendelleuchte ist auch als zweiflammige Variante erhältlich.
All-round luminance limitation is L<1000 cd/m² at an emission angle exceeding 65°to the vertical in compliance with DIN EN 12464. The luminaire is ideal for all types of VDU workplaces and for offices and banks.

Sleek appearance convinces

The overall slender appearance was decisive for the use of this luminaire. The planners have succeeded in preserving the architectural characteristics of the building and by upgrading the lighting design. The extremely low overall height and the indirect light component make the luminaires extremely light and unobtrusive.

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