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Working in close cooperation with “Lichtplanung Köster”, Ludwig Leuchten developed the office illumination for the building´s administrative wing.

Office illumination for the building´s administrative wing

The aluminium and glass façade of the new 60 metre high building for the city´s public utility services stands out as a landmark in Bochum´s inner city. The finely structured glass-shell inside the profiled aluminium frame-construction of this modern and yet elegant and timeless office building bears the handwriting of the architects office of Gatermann + Schossig. The innovative integral façade provides both, sun-protection on the interior and integrated workplace illumination, whil its air shutters with their outward opening mechanism allow for natural ventilation. Working in close cooperation with Dr. Ing. Helmut Köster from “Lichtplanung Köster”, Ludwig Leuchten developed the office illumination for the building´s administrative wing. It constitutes a central element of the general energy-efficiency concept with its focus on the key features of lighting, light channeling, anti-glare and temperature reduction. With the objective of maintaining concistency of the architectural design in the material whilst providing full functionality, the aluminium used as building material for the construction was also selected for the profiles of the light fixtures. Combined with the daylight channeling function the façade-integrated lighting constitutes a functional unity, which allows light to be channeled from the window into the rooms´interior. The wall-mounted and pendant luminaires with a maximum efficiency rating of 83 % contribute substantially to the building´s energy concept.


In order to direct artificial light and daylight in an integrated luminous flux from the façade into the room, Dr. Ing. Helmut Koester developed for this purpose an asymmetrical latch light (602 WF ID SPM GS 2x1T16-39W) that in connection with the daylight forms a creative and functional entity. The sophisticated reflector geometry ensures a targeted illumination. Using special reflector ceiling systems, which serve space cooling and lighting control, is redirected daylight or artificial light on the area, depending on needs. To reach the glare of the lights, the direct light component is reduced by a satin glass diffuser.

Builder: Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH Architects: Gatermann + Schossig, Köln Design entire lighting: Lichtplanung Köster, Frankfurt/Main Wholesale: Backhaus Lichttechnik GmbH, Essen Plumber: SSS Elektrotechnische Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Essen



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