Golfhotel Öschberghof Donaueschingen

The key aspect when re-designing the 1800 m” big wellness area of the golf hotel Öschberghof in Donaueschingen / Germany was the issue of lighting.

Innovative lighting design as subtle simulation of the daylight

The use of lamps with a light colour similar to that of daylight enables the discreet simulation of daylight and ranks as the outstanding feature of the innovative light planning for this project. An evening light atmosphere is generated through warm-tone lamps that can be switched separately and adjusted to the exterior light conditions. 

In order to convey a feeling of daylight in all the rooms, the lighting systems were fitted with day-light bright fluorescent lamps. Halogen emitters in the sots and lightsteles generate the required evening and night atmosphere. The so-called light coves, which are asymmetrically illuminating recessed lights installed in the ceiling, flood the walls with light and thus support the effect.

The recessed low voltage sots, which provide the portion of light directly emitted from the ceiling have very exact reflectors installed that give them a perfect luminance limitation. For treatment rooms that receive no daylight, the ergonomics of the working environment are envisaged with a light colour of up to 6,500 K. Light steles that are installed into the walls and with the effect of longitudinal light chases additionally increases the horizontal illumination intensities. The warm-tone lamps for their part generate a relaxing and soothing evening ambiance.

Maximum Security & amp; Highest quality of the luminaires

For reasons of protection, the luminaires at the light outlet are equipped with an ESG pane and are sealed via a frame. With regard to the reflector technology, aluminum materials of the highest quality (Alanod MIRO) are used. These allow very high levels of reflection in the luminaire and thus low light losses. The operating efficiency of the luminaires is therefore up to 15% higher than when using aluminum of different quality. The material is also highly UV-stable, the high color rendering, which was particularly important in this case, is largely independent of the reflection angle. Despite the use of light sources with very high luminance values, the reflector surfaces with a relatively high diffusion value ensure a largely pleasant atmosphere and Sufficient light at the target surfaces. The luminaire housings are made of galvanized steel (Zinkor) and are painted in the powder coating process.

The low-voltage built-in radiators, which provide the direct light component from the ceiling, are perfectly concealed by their exact reflector. In addition, the faceting in the surface gives the reflector an exclusive appearance. Depending on the application, the radiation angle is 2x40 ° or 2x20 °. The housing of the radiators is made of lacquered steel sheet. The luminaires are designed for low-voltage halogen lamps Halostar up to 50W / 12V IRC (version GY6,35).

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