Apo Bank, Dusseldorf

Ludwig Leuchten developed an integrative system solution for the APO Bank Dusseldorf.

The demand on a modern structure in the building services is constantly increasing. Therefore are ceiling systems increasingly being used as supply levels .

Integrative solutionsystems for ceilings

This has as consequence a variety of ceiling cutouts for lights, fire alarms, loudspeakers and sprinklers . This peaceful , harmonious ceiling appearance is continually disturbed . The compact recessed circular luminaire THALES for annular T - 16 lamps with BAP antiglare characteristic represents an integrative system solution .

Functional and aesthetic requirements

The multifunction of light and fire detectors or light and loudspeaker reduces the number of ceiling openings , facilitates planning and provides a quieter ceiling appereance. The installation at low height of the lamp leaves enough clearance for electrical supply or air conditioning ducts. The construction and suspended versions complement the product family.

The standard specifications of DIN EN 12464 are achieved. Above the beam angle of 65°, the average luminance is <1000 cd / m² around . The integration of additional halogen spotlights in the middle cover permits different lighting environment arrangements or accents.

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