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Medium-sized lighting manufacturer with short processes.

Ludwig Leuchten has been dedicated to the development, production and distribution of technical lighting solutions for over 65 years. As a medium-sized manufacturer with highly experienced employees - decisions, new developments and customer contact flows freely. Quick and efficient processes form the basis for both our standard and also our project business ventures by ensuring smooth handling and a high level of customer satisfaction.


Certified "Made in Germany"

We have a high rate of finishing during manufacture at our German base. Motivated, highly experienced employees using innovative machinery and up-to-date production technology ensure high quality „Made in Germany“ products within a short time frame. This does not only apply to our product development and manufacture of light fixtures but also to the complete life-cycle of each product, including spare parts and service maintenance.



Ludwig Leuchten Philosophie
Ludwig Leuchten Philosophie


Innovative and effective lighting.

The complete Ludwig Leuchten product range is under continuous development with regard to technical and environmental demands. In addition, innovations in design and architecture play a major role in the development of new light fixtures. A high quality of light and also by employing the latest energy-efficient technologies, technical perfection in line with modern design can be achieved.


Multifaceted lighting.

Whether ordering from our standard product range or an individual project solution is required, clients receive professional lighting design simulation to guarantee reliable planning. In addition, our dedicated employees ensure that all processes run smoothly. The professional preparation of specialized technical solutions and our timely delivery during the implementation of projects makes Ludwig Leuchten a reliable business partner.

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