Erich Ludwig

Erich Ludwig

Two things have shaped Erich Ludwig’s career: his work for a large corporation and a family history that brought him in close contact with the lighting industry early on. “There are things you can’t study at a university, you have to have them in your blood,” he says. Erich Ludwig was born in Mering near Augsburg in 1956. His father and uncle founded a factory there in 1949: Gebrüder Ludwig GmbH, Fabrik für technische Beleuchtung (Ludwig Bros. Ltd., Manufactory for Technical Illumination). As a young boy, Erich Ludwig watched the company grow. After school, he initially completed business management training at Siemens in Munich before joining the family business in 1977. It was there that he took on responsibility for technical developments in production and oversaw extension work. His technical background allowed him to drive automation at the factory. Erich Ludwig has also spearheaded numerous innovations and established a superb network in the lighting industry.

Company History

1949 After the World War II, the brothers Alfred and Erich Ludwig founded the Brothers Ludwig GmbH in Mering, the factory for technical lighting.
1955 First factory in Mering
1960 - 1970 Expansion factory 1
1990 Removal to the new production site and administration building in Mering, near Augsburg
1993 the new premises in Bergen/Neuwiese in Saxony was completed and extension until 2007
2003 Innovative powdercoating facility
2006 punching and nibbling centre with an automated warehouse and bending centre
2012 robot for gluewing and foaming
2014 restructuring of Ludwig Leuchten

Ludwig Leuchten Locations

Factory in Mering

Ludwig Leuchten Werk Mering

In Mering is situated the head office of the company with its management and administration divisions. The research and development division is also based in Mering . That’s why, all the special lighting , new developments and lamps for specific major projects are developed and manufactured in Mering.

Factory in Bergen

Ludwig Leuchten Werk Bergen

The Bergen factory was put into operation in 1993. Here are first of all standard products and standard production-lines manufactured. In this second establishment was achieved a very high degree of automation from the beginning. Therefore Ludwig Leuchten is the only manufacturer, that produces exclusively in Germany.

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